Leaving a Lure on a Fishing Rod

Sometimes we hook our fishing lures onto the fishing rod when we’re storing
them temporarily. I always used to put the hook right into the guide, but
then I got a new tip.

The hook can scratch the loop of the guide then cause a snapped line later.
So instead I now hook the Lure into the triangular support area of the
guide, and not through the loop that holds the fishing line.

Well that explains some of the big ones that have gotten away. Now I know

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/fngY8L

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Shrimp Season in Cocoa Beach | Today in Cocoa Beach

From Today in Cocoa Beach:

It’s Shrimp Season in Cocoa Beach!

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Herring Catch

suzan aral

The celebration of the Herring catch is a very old tradition in Hastings, East Sussex – a tradition that has happily just been revived. The Hastings Herring Fair was held between 23-25/11/2012 and celebrated all things Herring-y, including delicious herring in bread rolls filleted swiftly on the spot before frying, smoked and pickled herring, and a ‘blessing of the nets’ by the local priest. A great atmosphere, plentiful drink and seafood and singing of traditional sea shanties.

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Protesting Brazilian lobster fishers ask government to prohibit fishing and close exports until 2014 | The English woman’s Weblog

Dear all,

Brazilian artisanal fishermen have begun a campaign calling for the closure of the lobster fishery on which they depend. The following article by René Schärer is a brief description of the situation that has lead the fishermen to take this drastic measure.

Following the article there are links that will allow you to download the English translations of the letter to President Dilma … More on Brazilian Lobster Fishermen.

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Night Fishing

Fishing at night is a great variation for both the fisherman and the fish.  There’s just a few additional pieces of equipment to consider, but the reward may be catching both different and bigger fish. The first thing to add to the tackle box is a good light.  Get a free-standing light which will help even when your hands are occupied reeling in a catch. Or try a clip on light. I prefer my miners style headlamp which I also use for biking at night.  It makes nighttime activities with hooks and knots easier and safer.

Considering safety, it’s nice to have a friend along when night fishing, or fishing anytime really.  Night fishing sort of has a camping vibe.  It’s a great way to spend quality time without the distractions of the day.

Another useful tool is a fish alarm. This device attaches to your rod, and alerts you when a fish strikes.  So if you need a nap you won’t miss out on a fish.

Fish seem to like the water at night as well.  It’s quieter and cooler at night.  Noises during the day can scare fish. At night they seem to roam uninhibited by the activities of the day.  And the cooler weather can make them more active.  Many fishermen claim that fishing at night with a full moon is about the best time for getting bites.

Whether the fish are biting or not, Night fishing is always an enjoyable evening.

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school for square bills « mikeybalzzfishing

school for square bills « mikeybalzzfishing.

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Walking the Dog



Fishermen often describe the technique of reeling in a lure as “Walking the dog”. The technique works with any lure, but is most often used to describe reeling in a top lure.

Top Lure

Fishing lure wobbler

After casting out a top lure, keep the tip of the fishing rod low, close to the water.   This allows the line approaching the lure to sink beneath the surface.  When reeling in the lure, just a slight nudge with the wrist will pull the lure to one side.  The next pull from the reel will naturally take the lure back to the other side.  Once a zigzag motion has been established it will continue with very little effort.   Try it a few times and notice how the lure creates the motion.  There’s no need to move the fishing rod back and forth.  These top lures are designed to naturally wobble.  Let the lure do the work.

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Fishing Tournament Winner

Congratulations to Suzann Troesch from Leesburg, FL who swept three categories of  a Redfish tournament: Ladies, Seniors, and overall.  “Hunt for Reds” is held in Titusville, FL every year and no one has ever won all three categories before last Wednesday.

Redfish with multiple spots

Suzann used mullet heads to catch her Redfish. We talked about cutting the mullet in half when bait fishing.  Fishermen and women all over the east coast of Florida talk about this technique and it worked again in this tournament. It’s also interesting that the prizewinning RedFish has spots.  The Redfish is in the drumfish family, similar to the Spotted Sea Trout, but usually contains only a single spot, by the tail.



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Fishing Trip Checklist

Whether casting from your own dock,  travelling to a fishing hole, or going out on a boat,  here’s some basic items to keep with reach.

  1. Rod and Reel
  2. Fishing line
  3. Hooks
  4. swivels
  5. lures
  6. bait
  7. knife
  8. plyers
  9. bobbers
  10. sinkers
  11. Fish bucket
  12. Bait bucket
  13. Hand Net
  14. Stringer
  15. Polarized Sunglasses
  16. Water
  17. Snacks
  18. Suntan Lotion
  19. Bug Spray
  20. Jacket/Raingear
  21. Fishing License
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10-6-12 – Why Hunt When You Can Fish! « D & B Ice Adventures’s Blog

10-6-12 – Why Hunt When You Can Fish! « D & B Ice Adventures’s Blog.

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