Lure Fishing

Lure Fishing

Catching a fish with a lure is a special thrill.  The fisherman is actively involved in the catch, having made the lure appear alive.  The tricks to  bringing a lure to life are fun and easy to learn.

Spotted Sea Trout on a Top Lure

Surface Lures.

There are many types of lures that target different fish, in general they fall into two categories,  Surface Lures and Swimbait.  Surface Lures, also known as top lures,  are colorful and fun.  They can be artificial flies, spoons designed to reflect sun or moonlight, or bizarre looking little floating critters designed to entice a curious predator.   Fishing with a surface lure requires creativity.  The goal is to make the lure seem alive.  Casting the lure, then slowly reeling it in is one very basic technique.  But varying this motion is the key to attracting fish. It helps to stop reeling sometimes, giving your pretend bait a little breather.  Then gently tug the line, making your lure dance in the water.   Another technique is making your lure swim in a zig zag motion known to fishermen as  walking the dog.  This is achieved  by holding your rod out to the left for two turns of the reel, followed by out to the right for two turns.


Swimbait are heavier lures designed to look like bait fish. They are further categorized as plugs, minnows or artificial worms.   These lures  swim under the surface or along the bottom.  You can use similar techniques as above in reeling in these heavier lures.  Again the goal is to make the lure seem alive. and not too mechanical.  For an alternative technique try crawling the bottom. First you let the lure sink to the bottom , then slowly drag it along as if  it were exploring the ocean floor.

Artificial Shrimp

Some fishermen fish with lures exclusively.  It’s a more active kind of fishing, and very rewarding.  It also breaks the routine when nothings hitting on the live bait. To get started with lure fishing, pick up one each of a Surface Lure and Swimbait and experiment with them both.  Happy luring!

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