Night Fishing

Fishing at night is a great variation for both the fisherman and the fish.  There’s just a few additional pieces of equipment to consider, but the reward may be catching both different and bigger fish. The first thing to add to the tackle box is a good light.  Get a free-standing light which will help even when your hands are occupied reeling in a catch. Or try a clip on light. I prefer my miners style headlamp which I also use for biking at night.  It makes nighttime activities with hooks and knots easier and safer.

Considering safety, it’s nice to have a friend along when night fishing, or fishing anytime really.  Night fishing sort of has a camping vibe.  It’s a great way to spend quality time without the distractions of the day.

Another useful tool is a fish alarm. This device attaches to your rod, and alerts you when a fish strikes.  So if you need a nap you won’t miss out on a fish.

Fish seem to like the water at night as well.  It’s quieter and cooler at night.  Noises during the day can scare fish. At night they seem to roam uninhibited by the activities of the day.  And the cooler weather can make them more active.  Many fishermen claim that fishing at night with a full moon is about the best time for getting bites.

Whether the fish are biting or not, Night fishing is always an enjoyable evening.

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