Walking the Dog



Fishermen often describe the technique of reeling in a lure as “Walking the dog”. The technique works with any lure, but is most often used to describe reeling in a top lure.

Top Lure

Fishing lure wobbler

After casting out a top lure, keep the tip of the fishing rod low, close to the water.   This allows the line approaching the lure to sink beneath the surface.  When reeling in the lure, just a slight nudge with the wrist will pull the lure to one side.  The next pull from the reel will naturally take the lure back to the other side.  Once a zigzag motion has been established it will continue with very little effort.   Try it a few times and notice how the lure creates the motion.  There’s no need to move the fishing rod back and forth.  These top lures are designed to naturally wobble.  Let the lure do the work.

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