Mullet Run

Finger Mullet

Finger Mullet

The Mullet are running in Cocoa Beach.

Last night I caught about a dozen of these little guys in one cast. Mullet are vegetarians, and have small mouths, so you can only catch them with a net. But they make great bait. Snook, Sea Trout and Catfish all love to chow down on chunks of mullet, and snack on tasty little finger mullet.

I set up a two hook rig with a finger mullet on one hook, and a chunk of mullet on the other.  Each piece of bait attracts fish in its own way. Fish smell the oils from the chunk and are excited by the natural movement of the live bait.

Mullet Rig

Two hook Mullet rig

After I threw this rig in the water, I left my dock looking for a screwdriver to fix and old reel.  When I got back, the bobber was under water.



This 15 inch catfish had gulped both the finger mullet and the chunk.  I removed one hook from his lip, but the other hook was in his stomach,  so I cut the line just inside his mouth and threw him back.  The hooks they ingest eventually get eliminated.

Everyone is talking about the mullet run in Cocoa Beach these days. When the mullet run the predators are never far behind.  It makes for great fishing!


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