The Swivel: A Versatile Rig

The key to switching out rigs easily is the swivel. A few simple rigs provide enough variety for hours of fishing fun. Once we tie a swivel on the end of our line, trying new rigs will be simple. Since we’ve just changed the line on a rod and reel, it’s the perfect time to tie a swivel on the end.

The Berkley Braid

The Berkley Braid is one of the strongest knots we can use. The swivel at the end of the line will hold a variety of rigs, and hopefully help haul in many fish.

1) Doubled up line with swivel.

1) Double up the line holding the end loop in one hand and the swivel in the other.

2) Thread through the swivel

2)  Thread the loop through the small loop on the swivel.

3) Double back the loop

3)  Double the loop back along the main line.   There are now two adjacent double lines.

4) Wrap the looped end around the main line.

4) Wrap the looped line past the swivel around the line before the swivel. Continue to wrap back towards the swivel six to eight times, creating a braided look.

loop 6-7 times to make a braid.

5) Thread the loop next to the swivel.

5) Thread the end of the loop, now very small, through the gap next to the eye of the swivel.

6) Tightened Knot

6) Tighten the knot.

7) Clipped ends

7) Clip the loose line, including the end loop

We now have a Rod ready to support multiple rigs.  The fish are waiting!

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