Spooling New Fishing Line

At least once year I change the line on my Rod and Reels.   The line becomes dry and
brittle with too much exposure to the sun.   Lines also get too short form cutting stuck or tangled lines.  You’ll need a new roll of fishing line, a knife for cutting off old line, and a pencil to hold the new line in place while reeling it in.

1) Guide the line.

First string the new line through the eyes on your rod down to the reel. Spaz Move #1: Tying before threading I’ve tied line to the reel without threading it through the guides first. This move makes reeling  in the new line way more difficult than  it needs to be

2) Open the bail arm on your reel.

This makes room for tying the line onto the reel.  And it ensures that the bail arm will then lock in the line once it’s closed. Spaz Move #2: Tying line free with the bail arm closed. I’ve also made this brilliant move. The only remedy is to cut the line and re-tie it.

3) Secure the line to the reel with an Arbor Knot.

The Arbor Knot is simply two overhand knots next to each other. The first one circles the line itself, the second keeps the first knot in place.

Arbor Knot

Arbor Knot

4) Secure the spool of new line with a pencil or screwdriver.

This helps it to rotate smoothly without unraveling.

5) Reel in the new Line.

Reel in the new line until there is about an 1/8 to 1/4 inch of room left on the reel.  Keep the line taunt with one hand to avoid tangles. Spaz Move #3: Overloading the reel. This causes trouble and tangles as soon as you try a cast. Yes, I’ve done this too.

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